The company’s growth and success is inextricably linked to the story of the man who gave it his name: Aristodemo Leoncini, who started an artisanal business way back in 1918, in the heart of Emilia Romagna.  Aristomedo’s talent and capacities quickly brought him renown.



In 1948 a sausage factory just a few kilometers from Lake Garda, in the province of Verona, asked for consultancy from Aristodemo.  In those days it was hard to leave the land and places where one had taken his first steps, but the ambition, vivacity, strong character and great enthusiasm for his work made Mr. Leoncini take this step, leaving his native Barco di Bibbiano and moving to Colà di Lazise.  Quite quickly he became a partner of the SALUMIFICIO DEL GARDA and, with the help of his sons Eliseo, Mario and Sergio, soon achieved his preset goals and created a large and efficient sausage industry.



The family became sole owners of the company in 1959 and, in 1960, it returned to being called Leoncini.  His son Eliseo run the company with the same ambition, vivacity and great enthusiasm that had animated his father from the day it was established until his death.

Commendator Eliseo Mario Leoncini, born in Bibbiano in the province of Reggio Emilia on September 3rd, 1919, was at the helm of Leoncini ever since 1948.
As a charismatic entrepreneur of great ethical values he expanded his Group while relying exclusively on his own strength and energy, without ever asking for external funding. All profits are reinvested in the company to expand it and to advance technologically, but always respecting Italian cured meat traditions. On March 27th, 2003 he left an economically sound company at the cutting edge, often mentioned as one of Italy’s best food firms.

Commendator Leoncini, a generous, very reserved and modest man, always showed, in addition to his love for his family, great respect for his employees. He never neglected community life in the vicinity of his company, participating, sometimes in a very important way, but always with the utmost discretion.
He did not like advertising, especially in his private life. As an entrepreneur he preferred focusing his energies on the quality of the product which, he said, was absolutely the best advertising.
His lifestyle was an example for everyone who knew him. He left his children the most precious of inheritances, a heritage made of values.



Now the baton is in the hands of Eliseo’s two sons.
Paolo and Gianfranco have breathed, ever since childhood, the serious and impassioned atmosphere of the family-run company, collaborating with their father and, now, united as always, continue in the tradition of the Leoncini Family, entrepreneurs for over a century.


Fourth generation

But our story does not end here: Paolo’s and Gianfranco’s four children have successfully entered the company after years of studies and experience. Today they help their parents manage the company, always ready to listen to their advice and learn the many secrets of this trade.
To be continued …